Our Fleet

LKS courier Belgium offers a wide range of vehicles. From a small combo to a trailer with tailgate. This way we can tailor the solution for each shipment and still calculate very competitive prices.

Type A

L: 140/200
B: 100
H: 110/120
Max. loading weight: 450 Kg

Type E

L: 600
B: 215
H: 215
Max. loading weight: 2350 Kg

Type B

L: 240
B: 120
H: 125
Max. loading weight: 950 Kg

Type F

L: 700
B: 240
H: 240
Max. loading weight: 5000 Kg

Type C

L: 360
B: 160
H: 180
Max. loading weight: 1450 Kg

Type G

L: 1360
B: 245
H: 240
Max. loading weight: >5000 Kg

Type D

L: 425
B: 210
H: 225
Max. loading weight: 950 Kg

On Board Carrier

L: 40
H: 20
B: 30
Max. loading weight: 20 Kg
*Dimensions are in centimeters and related to the load space

LKS courier / express transport Belgium is also the right place to be for quick transport, call +32 14 65 45 45 or click on 'book shipment'

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Your shipment within half an hour on the way to it's destination. LKS courier Belgium takes care, with attention and dynamics!